One day
I too, will roam with you
On lovely brazen days
Upon lonely wooded ways
In the ovule of some random park
Sighing deep and dark
At the silence pooling by our feet
And listen to the each other’s heartbeat;
Fill the gaps left by our own
A dial tone of desires
Ringing in our bones
And so we shall sleep
On the dappled forest floor
Closer than an atom
Yet aching for some more
Till the light leave us soft
And breathing through our hair;
The wind lost in the moments
That our lips could not spare


I have danced
Many a dances
Without a song in my mind
And I saw many a chances
Yet pretended to be blind
There were reasons
For these decisions
But those reasons were not mine
I was a stone, sought for statues
But born on an incline
And so I fell down the narrow
Walls, without a ledge
Trapped between tombstones
Out of time, for an age
And now I await in the dungeons
With my heart on the ground
In search of an echo
That can be heard without a sound